Art Exhibition 2020

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Donald Chrétien

The unique style and impact of Aboriginal fine artist Donald Chrétien springs from his combined passion for colour and woodland-style expression. His ongoing exploration of his heritage has him concentrating on distinct features of Ojibwe clan’s acrylic on canvas.

Keitha Keeshig-Tobias Biizindam

Inspired by the connectedness of spirit between natures of the indigenous way of life, the images/icons/emblems of indigenous culture, and depicting her emotions relating to family/history/current affair and us.
Keitha is a very versatile modern artist residing in the city she spent her childhood in; now owning her own studio/retail-space. She comes from the Delaware Nation at Moraviantown, Anishnaabe from Neyaashiinigamiing Chippewas of Nawash Unceded First Nation and grew up in Toronto.

Lynn Taylor

Born and raised in Toronto, Lynn has resided in Lakeview and Mississauga for over 25 years. Although she traveled to see the world from different perspectives, she is mostly influenced by her deep appreciation of nature and growing knowledge of her indigenous background from Oneida of The Thames reserve in Ontario (Turtle Clan).

“I would like to see the integration of Indigenous arts into non-indigenous communities so we can all learn from each other.”